Xeo Quit

In the province of Dong Thap lays the forest of Xeo Quit. Here, in the middle of the dense forest area was a former headquarters of the Provincial Party Committee during the Vietnam war. The South Vietnamese troops as well as the American knew about the existence of this camp and attacked it on a regular basis from the air or with ground forces. Through ingenious hiding strategies in the jungle-like forest and with the help of the local population, the Communist leaders succeeded in escaping the attacks, and from here on participate in the assault on Saigon.

Nowadays the area is an open-air museum and park. You can explore the area with small sampans, gliding through the tiny channels, or by foot, exploring the command center, caves and hiding places surrounded by nature. The entire attraction is a much calmer and more relaxed alternative to a trip to the famous Cu Chi tunnels, which are now completely overrun.

Xeo Quit lays nearby the bird sanctuary of Cao Lanh.

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