Vinh Long - numerous river islands

Vinh Long is the capital of Vinh Long province. The great Mekong river divides itself into numerous small canals. There are many fertile river islands with overflowing fruit orchards and flower gardens. The market here is supposed to be one of the best-stocked markets throughout the delta. Near the waterfront you can find numerous cafés and restaurants.

The island An Binh is very popular and unfortunately overcrowded by tourists. For many visitors Vinh Long is a starting point for boat tours in the Mekong region, for example to the floating market of Cai Be.

One of the local attractions is the museum on the riverbank of Vinh Long which includes artefacts from the region, as well as lots of information about the Vietnam War. The Van Tanh Mieu Temple, 3 km south of the town centre, was built in 1864 and is dedicated to a Chinese philosopher and statesman of Confucius, which is very unusual.

In the area of Vinh Long are also many brick factories which look like huge beehives, a beautiful photo opportunity on a day with clear blue skies.