Tra On - Idyllic town

Tra On is a small, idyllic town close to Can Tho and is located at the mouth of the Tra On canal, which has been built in the early 20th century by the French. Earlier its name was Nicolai. This canal connects the Bassac arm with the Mang Thit river.

In the town you can see traditional brick factories which look like oversized beehives. The locals here are busy fish farmers. Tra On is also known for its special pomelo, a cross between a grapefruit and pommelo.

In Tra On you can visit a very relaxed, relatively small floating market. Although it’s not as busy as in Cai Rang, this market is still well worth seeing. It is situated on an idyllic place at the mouth of the canal outside the city.

In this area there are many small side canals and small farms, the landscape is not very populated and it looks pristine and green. Here you won’t find larger industries such as in nearby Can Tho.

Tra On - Idyllic town Tra On - Idyllic town Tra On - Idyllic town