Tan Chau - Silkcity

Tan Chau is a popular attraction for those who want to learn more about silk production. A visit to the silk factory, in which the silk is still produced by using traditional looms is highly recommended. The Tan Chau silk factory is famous for its My A silk which black is dyed by Diospyros Mollis’s fruit (Mac nua). The My A silk is both nationally and internationally well-known for its black color, toughness, softness and many other special features. Since the production of Tan Chau silk is quite time-consuming and labor-intensive, its price is very high. In the silk factory a large variety of silk fabrics, silk dresses, art works, scarves, ties and fans can be bought.

Tan Chau is situated close to the border to Cambodia. When crossing the border from Cambodia to Vietnam at Tan Chau all travelers should have a visa already as border officials do not issue visa-on-arrivals (as of February 2016).